Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Chemotherapy Treatment and Hair Loss (chemotherapy hair loss)

This article is about the chemotherapy treatment and hair loss.

In chemotherapy treatment the entire body is affected in one way or another. Unfortunately a side effect of this treatment is hair loss. Chemotherapy is carried out by administering drugs that are designed to kill cancerous cells. These drugs are injected right into the vein or muscle tissue. The drugs flow through the blood stream. Because of this systematic treatment the drugs cannot be taken orally.

Since there are several types of chemotherapy drugs, side effects can vary. These drugs generally affect rapidly dividing cells. Mostly affected are blood cells. It’s important to note that these cells primarily job is to fight infection, carry oxygen to other areas of the body and help clot blood. Cancer patients will be more exposed to infections, bleed easily and become more fatigued.

One side effect for some chemotherapy drugs is thinning hair. It’s also possible that that you could lose your hair all together, depending on the drugs used. Some people take this kind of hair loss very seriously, which is understandable because it’s so noticeable and not easy to hide. It’s a good idea to understand the implications of chemotherapy induced hair loss before it happens. This will make the transition easier down the road.

Depression is often a byproduct of chemotherapy and hair loss in cancer patients. It’s sometimes difficult to deal with the helplessness and embarrassment of the situation. It’s never easy for friends and family either. Cancer, no matter what type, is always serous and often times hereditary. Women usually have a much a more difficult time dealing with this type of hair loss then men do, since a woman’s hair is usually a part of her personally and pride.

Through this difficult time it’s important to never lose hope. Sometimes the best way to deal with the situation is positive thinking. Positive thinking can sometimes lead us through the darkest times, even when things seem hopeless.

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I hope this article has provided you with a better understanding on chemotherapy and hair loss.

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