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Baldness and Chemotherapy (chemotherapy hair loss)

This article is about the baldness and chemotherapy. (chemotherapy and hair loss)

Baldness and Chemotherapy

There are some hair care tips that can help reduce hair loss and baldness. The preventive measures for baldness and hair loss include washing the hair daily, gentle massaging the entire scalp using fingertips, and washing hair with warm water. The use of wigs and baseball caps reduces blood circulation in the scalp and prevents the growth of hair. A person needs to eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water to keep his hair healthy.

Baldness occurs for several reasons including as hereditary traits, normal aging, excessive use of shampoo or hair drying, poor diet, high fever, hormonal disorders, thyroid disorders like hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, pituitary disorders, scalp fungal infection, and radiation therapy. Several medications, drugs, and toxins also cause baldness; these include chemotherapy, gout medications, arthritis medications, antidepressants, and high doses of vitamin A.

Chemotherapy causes many side effects in patients, and one of the most well known side effects of chemotherapy is hair loss. Chemotherapy drugs can damage the hair by breaking it close to the patient's scalp. Hair loss usually starts within a few weeks after the chemotherapy treatment. The amount of hair loss depends on the type, combination, and dosage of chemotherapy drugs. Hair normally grows back after the completion of chemotherapy treatment.

Patients need to take some precautions before taking chemotherapy treatment. It is better to cut the hair short before treatment. Patients should use gentle hair products and avoid the use of perms and hair colorings. They should try to comb their hair gently, and it is better to use a soft baby brush. Hair loss during chemotherapy treatment can be prevented to a large extent by wearing the cold cap. The cold cap lowers the temperature of the patient's scalp, reducing blood flow in the scalp.

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